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Best Hand Mixer for 2019 Reviewed – Appliance Reviewer

mai 15, 2019

Hand mixers can be a saviour in the kitchen of anyone serious about baking. Taking up less space than a stand mixer, and coming in at much cheaper too, they take most of the manual work out of your whisking yet still leave you with enough control to get the end result you want.

If you fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry, or just want to experiment with more home-cooked bakes, then an electric hand held food mixer could be a great help. There is a lot to consider when finding your ideal model though, from weight to power and flexibility. You don’t want to fall out of love with it before you’ve even started using it to the full potential.

We have put them all to the test and found the ten best when considering all of the factors we think you need to bear in mind, too.

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