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Best Smoothie Maker for 2019 Reviewed – Appliance Reviewer

mai 15, 2019

You may think that a smoothie maker is pretty much the same thing as a jug or hand blender. While you’re technically correct, there are a few notable differences.

First of all, a smoothie maker is usually much better at crushing ice. Ice is a staple of any smoothie or cold drink, especially if you’re using frozen fruit. Even though blenders usually get through ice, dedicated smoothie makers often have settings which add more power.

Another difference is that smoothie makers are designed to help you blitz and go. They may include several mixing jugs, most of which will be personal sized drinking bottles. Whether it be a smoothie or gym shake, you can take it away without any mess or need to transfer.

There is a whole host of smoothie blenders out there. Some more powerful than others, some able to give you different blade or jug options and some able to blend other foods such as soup. It’s a hard task to find the best, so to make the choice easier, have a read of our smoothie maker reviews and buying guide.

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